27 Jul 2019

Having fun with self help: 'Personal Best'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 27 July 2019
Personal Best hosts Andrew Norton (left) and Rob Norman (right) (CBC Media Centre)

Personal Best hosts Andrew Norton (left) and Rob Norman (right) (CBC Media Centre) Photo: Supplied

Have you ever wanted to be an even better You?!

'Personal Best' is a Canadian show playing around with the expectations and the conventions of the self help genre.

Rather than winning friends, influencing people, and increasing your wealth, its goals are far more modest- perhaps it's learning to be a better texter, or becoming less awkward around shop assistants. So the wins are small, the budgets are meagre, and the methods are dubious. And who knows? If you're lucky you might just end up getting slightly less bad at something!

Personal Best logo (Supplied)

Personal Best logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

Your life coaches and spirit guides in this quest to be the best are Rob Norman and Andrew Norton. In an episode called 'How To Master The Art of Persuasion' they take on the case of Colleen, who's offered to sell her brother-in-law's paintings but has omitted to mention she's got zero experience and a naturally retiring personality! As she says "I can't sell anything to anybody and I always take 'No' for an answer." She needs to develop some serious sales and persuasion skills...and fast!

'Personal Best' from The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is hosted by Rob Norman and Andrew Norton, and produced by Jess Shane and Yasmine Mathurin.