3 Aug 2019

'This Paranormal Life': otherwordly laughs

From The Podcast Hour, 12:36 pm on 3 August 2019
This Paranormal Life logo (Supplied)

This Paranormal Life logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

Do you believe in aliens, or doubt that the Moon Landings ever took place? Me neither...but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying 'This Paranormal Life'!

It's a funny show where two self-styled experts on the paranormal, Rory Powers and Kit Grier, cast a sceptical, jokey eye over some of the outlandish claims and otherworldly accounts out there, and consider whether they might, just possibly, have some basis in reality.

In past episodes they've tackled such major stories as Bigfoot, The Lost City of Atlantis, and of course The Axe Wielding Goat Man. Here's another case of the paranormal I hadn't heard about before- that of a half rabbit half man creature that may or may not have started killing people more than a century ago.

We share an excerpt from episode 67 of 'This Paranormal Life' called 'Murderous Bunny Man Escapes Asylum' presented by Rory Powers and Kit Grier, and the show recently won the award for Best Entertainment Podcast at the British Podcast Awards.