27 Jul 2019

'When We Got To The Seventh': a quirky fiction show

From The Podcast Hour, 12:15 pm on 27 July 2019
When We Got To The Seventh Logo (Supplied)

When We Got To The Seventh Logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

It was an idea that arrived in Emma Clarke's head in the middle of the night, and it ended up scribbled down on Post-It notes all over her bed.

She's a voiceover artist and 'When We Got To The Seventh' is her fiction podcast that revolves around an encounter with a seventh something: it could be a marriage, a planet...even a victim. The first season of the series has 7 episodes (of course!) and they all offer self-contained little glimpses into the mind of the central character- how they think and what motivates them...even when you start to realise that their world view might be very, very different to your own!

We play some of an episode of 'When We Got To The Seventh' called 'I'm Just A Very Maternal Person', written and performed by Emma Clarke and produced by Eddie Delag.