20 Jul 2019

Designing a dream city: Nice Try!

From The Podcast Hour, 12:50 pm on 20 July 2019
Nice Try! Logo

Nice Try! Logo Photo: Supplied

Nice Try! is a 7-part series looking at the elusive idea of utopia- a perfect society or place- and how this concept's been interpreted at various points in history, from Hitler's plans for Berlin, to enclosed biospheres populated by environmentalists. And- spoiler alert- some kind of failure or disappointment usually awaits when the vision meets the reality!

The show's hosted and produced by Avery Trufelman who usually works on the popular design podcast 99% Invisible. She did a spin-off show last year called Articles of Interest that we featured on The Podcast Hour, all about the history of clothing, from Hawaiian shirts to tartan.

We share some of an episode about the city of Chandigarh in northern India, designed in the 1950s by the famous Modernist architect Le Corbusier at the request of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Nice Try! Utopian is hosted by Avery Trufelman and produced by Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network.