20 Jul 2019

'The Cut on Tuesdays': Family money

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 20 July 2019
The Cut logo (Supplied)

The Cut logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

The Cut is the section of New York Magazine that's targeted at "women with stylish minds". Visit its website today and you'll find stories covering politics, relationships, work, and equality, alongside beauty, style and fashion tips.

Its podcast 'The Cut on Tuesdays' covers similarly wide-ranging territory. It features profiles of inspirational women doing interesting stuff, together with stories about abortion, divorce, sexual harassment, and motherhood. And there's plenty of room for the lighter stuff too...like an unrequited lust for Adam Driver, and bad dinner parties!

We play a couple of clips from a recent episode dealing with 'Family Money': those who have it, and those who don't.

Abigail Disney is one of the Disney family; someone who's used to flying around in private jets and who knows what it's like to have more money than you can ever spend.

Life inside the Disney clan's a long, long way from the financial issues that affected the politician Stacey Abrams growing up. Last year she became the first black woman nominated for a governorship in any US state, narrowly losing the race as a Democrat running in a deeply Republican electorate. But at various points in her life she's also been hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

We share some of an episode of 'The Cut on Tuesdays' (from New York Magazine and Gimlet Media) called 'Family Money', and speak to the show's host Molly Fischer about The Cut's approach to story telling.