20 Jul 2019

'Paradise': The unsolved murder of 2 British backpackers

From The Podcast Hour, 12:15 pm on 20 July 2019
Chris and Peta

Chris and Peta Photo: COPYRIGHT Penny Farmer

Back in 1978 the bodies of two British backpackers were found in the sea off the Guatemalan coast in central America.

It was obvious that Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton had been been murdered, but for nearly 40 years nobody was arrested over their killings.

The prime suspect was Silas Duane Boston, an American expat with a criminal past sailing around the Caribbean with his two young sons. He'd given the couple a ride on his boat- called the Justin B.- just before they died. But it wasn't until 2016 that Boston was finally arrested and charged with their murder, only for him to die in prison a few months later, before he could be tried.

In 'Paradise', presenter Stephen Nolan and reporter Dan Maudsley try to get to the truth of who killed Chris and Peta. Was the case against Boston as clear cut as it seemed? And could the evidence of his two sons, Vince and Russ, be trusted?

We play some of Episode 2 of Paradise from BBC Radio 5 Live called Death In Paradise hosted and produced by Dan Maudsley and Stephen Nolan.