29 Jun 2019

Improvising interviews: 'Inside The Comedian'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:30 pm on 29 June 2019
Inside the Comedian logo

Inside the Comedian logo Photo: Supplied

Do you ever hear those celebrity interviews that sound a little bit forced and scripted, like they're trotting out the same old answers to questions they've heard a hundred times before?

If so, try a dose of 'Inside The Comedian' with David Reed. It's an interview show with a refreshing difference: the host and the guests all ad lib and make up the questions and the answers on the fly!

David's a comedian himself and you can sometimes hear him throw a guest with a particularly bizarre question, then listen as they scrabble to recover. And these improvised conversations, most of them recorded in front of a live audience, can take some seriously surreal twists.

We play extracts from two episodes of 'Inside The Comedian' featuring Max and Ivan and John Finnemore,hosted by David Reed and produced by Ed Morrish. And if you want to listen to a few more episodes, try the ones with Miles Jupp, Cariad Lloyd, Josie Lawrence and Kevin Eldon for starters.