8 Jun 2019

Unknown pleasures: 'Here Be Monsters'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:50 pm on 8 June 2019
Here Be Monsters Podcast Logo (Supplied)

Here Be Monsters Podcast Logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

Back in ye olden days 'Here Be Monsters' is what map-makers are meant to have written over unknown and unexplored parts of the world on their charts. It's also the name of an offbeat, arty, show that describes itself as a podcast about the unknown.

Jeff Emtman came up with the idea for 'Here Be Monsters' back in 2012, as a collection of stories about things he was afraid of. And although the subjects covered in Here Be Monsters are broad and tough to categorise, they do tend towards the dark. So recent episodes have covered the detection of mass killings and humanitarian abuses using satellite technology, and the story of a mysterious book bound with human skin.

Producer Bethany Denton made 'Hypnosis of Hunger' after she found 2 old cassette tapes in a box in her basement- on them were recordings of childhood visits she made to a hypnotherapist to help with her disordered eating. In this powerful audio story she cuts between these old tapes and her own more realistic, modern day musings.

'Hypnosis of Hunger' from 'Here Be Monsters' is produced by Bethany Denton and Jeff Emtman for KCRW, and the show is edited by Nick White.