1 Jun 2019

'Conversations With People Who Hate Me'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:40 pm on 1 June 2019
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Conversations with People Who Hate Me logo Photo: (Credit Phillip Blackowl)

"A sissy", "nauseating", and "a flaming homo"; these are not even the worst online insults that people have directed at the actor and activist Dylan Marron.

In 'Conversations With People Who Hate Me' he speaks directly to the people making these kind of hateful remarks.

The conversations don't always go smoothly, there are plenty of awkward, uncomfortable moments that Dylan has to gently steer through, but most episodes end with a resolution of sorts (even if that's just an acknowledgement that each side understands the other better).

Four years ago Colleen tweeted "I'm not sure I hate any celebrity the way I hate Amanda Palmer". So Dylan engineers a conversation between Colleen and Amanda, a popular musician and writer who you might know from her band The Dresden Dolls.

Episode 27 of 'Conversations with People Who Hate Me' is called 'I Hate Amanda Palmer', is created and hosted by Dylan Marron, and is a Night Vale Presents production.