11 May 2019

Homeless in Googleville: 'The Intersection'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:50 pm on 11 May 2019
Homeless In Googleville

Homeless In Googleville Photo: (David Boyer, KALW News and The Intersection)

Silicon Valley and the big tech companies are having a major influence on life in the Bay Area in and around San Francisco in California; shaping transport options, changing neighbourhoods, and fuelling a booming property market.

'The Intersection' uses two street corners in the region as a way of exploring these changes, and meeting some of the real people behind the headlines.

Season 1 took a streer corner in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco and met characters experiencing homelessness, poverty and drug addiction. Season 2 journeys 60 kilometres south east to Silicon Valley to spend a year and a half recording on another, seemingly very different, street corner. This one near Google's HQ in Mountain View, California in an area that's been transformed from farmland to boomtown in just a few decades.

The Intersection long logo

The Intersection long logo Photo: The Intersection/David Boyer/ KALW