6 Apr 2019

TL;DR? How tech's changing the way we read

From The Podcast Hour, 12:35 pm on 6 April 2019
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Do you ever find yourself wishing you read a bit more? And not all those texts, news alerts, and notifications we get bombarded with 24/7 either!

Some people are worried that constant access to all these bite-sized chunks of language could be changing the way we read. So are we all becoming skimmers and headline grazing multi-taskers, losing our ability to concentrate on a long form article or to read a whole book?!

It's a topic tech journalist Manoush Zomorodi gets into in the IRL podcast from Mozilla, in an episode called 'TL;DR' (an acronym for Too Long; Didn't Read) featuring the journalist and author Derek Thompson, Ernie Smith of Tedium, and librarian Nancy Pearl.