30 Mar 2019

DIY diplomacy: Spacebridge

From The Podcast Hour, 12:47 pm on 30 March 2019
Spacebridge logo (Supplied)

Spacebridge logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

It's a far out true story featuring New Age thinking, The Space Race, dream telepathy, the Grateful Dead, and ESP: they were all part of a wacky plan to defuse tensions between the US and the USSR at the height of the Cold War.

With the world living under the threat of nuclear attack, the idea was to bypass the diplomats and the censors and link up people in America and Russia using two-way satellite link-ups called "Spacebridges".

This all went on at a time when you could barely make a phone call between the 2 countries! But these public video-conferences were championed by a group of tech and communication enthusiasts, including one of the founders of Apple.

Smartly scripted and trippily scored, 'Spacebridge' tells the story of this out there chapter in international relations.

Presented by Julia Barton and Charles Maynes , Spacebridge is a production of Showcase from PRX's Radiotopia.