2 Mar 2019

Tracking a serial conman: 'Who The Hell is Hamish?'

From The Podcast Hour, 12:40 pm on 2 March 2019
Who The Hell Is Hamish logo (Supplied)

Who The Hell Is Hamish logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

Tracy Hall had been separated from her husband for over a year when she first met a man called Max Tavita via a dating app.

He seemed witty, charming, intelligent, and attractive....a successful investment advisor with a sensitive side.

He'd also been struck by terrible tragedy: he told her that as a 6-year-old he'd been in a plane crash that killed his parents, and left him an orphan.

And then there was his job in New York..he apparently worked in the World Trade Centre, knew lots of people who died on 9-11, and had been walking underneath the Twin Towers when the first plane hit.

But in 'Who The Hell is Hamish?' from 'The Australian' newspaper (presented by Greg Bearup) it soon becomes clear that Max Tavita isn't who he says he is.