16 Feb 2019

From politics to pleasure: The Food Programme

From The Podcast Hour, 12:30 pm on 16 February 2019
The Food Programme logo (Supplied)

The Food Programme logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

BBC Radio 4's Food Programme turns 40 this year.

With a mission to explore the world of food "from culture to cooking, from politics to pleasure" each week host Sheila Dillon, producer Dan Saladino, and regular contributors including the food writer Tim Hayward, tuck into all sorts of stories about the foods and drinks we're consuming today.

We play clips from a couple of episodes; one called 'Seeds: a 400-million-year-old food story' presented by Dan Saladino and the food historian Polly Russell. The other is called 'How Instagram Changed Food' with food columnist George Reynolds, produced by Miles Warde for BBC Radio 4.

And there are more than 600 online episodes dating back to 2010 on the show's programme page