9 Feb 2019

Imaginary Advice: blending fact and fiction

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 9 February 2019
Imaginary Advice logo (Supplied)

Imaginary Advice logo (Supplied) Photo: Supplied

Ross Sutherland's a writer, poet and actor from Edinburgh who also makes a podcast called 'Imaginary Advice'.

He does it all himself (including recording his voice links in what looks like a cupboard!) and he calls the podcast the most important thing he makes, and a 'sketchpad' to try out new ideas. And it does have an experimental, even surreal, feel to it at times blending fiction and documentary to tell audio stories about the sometimes strange worlds we humans inhabit.

We play some of a story called 'Please Hold' in episode 51 called 'After This' and some of 'Re: The Moon' (Episode 49).

In recent episodes he's also explored what it means to share a name with a Scottish rugby team- The Other Ross Sutherland- and one I really enjoyed where he goes inside the symbolism and the stories behind professional wrestling- that one's called Make It Real.