22 Dec 2018

Sound Opinions: Diss tracks

From The Podcast Hour, 12:35 pm on 22 December 2018
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'Sound Opinions' is a long-running music show that's been on air for around 25 years.

In it hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their encyclopedic and evolving knowledge of music ranging from the mainstream to the obscure.

As well as all the stuff you might expect like big name interviews and album reviews- they also devote whole episodes to music from a particular country- Russia, South Africa and yes New Zealand among them- and also to music arranged around a particular theme. So if you want you can check out episodes dedicated to Anxious Anthems, Songs About Horses, Best Movie Soundtracks and Dad Rap too.

There's also a nice segment called the Rock Doctors where the hosts step in to offer musical prescriptions for their listeners.

In the featured episode Jim and Greg share their favourite diss tracks...or music that settles a score. Sound Opinions (WBEZ Chicago) Episode #670: 'Diss Tracks & Rock Doctors'

[Thanks to Brendan Banaszak for his help in sharing it with you and to listener Paul Tudor who's a big Sound Opinions fan and recommended some of his favourite episodes including a recent one on disco, a series they did on Bob Dylan, classic album dissections (especially one about the Replacements), and interviews with Brian Eno and Tony Visconti.]