8 Dec 2018

'Front Burner': serving up daily news

From The Podcast Hour, 12:45 pm on 8 December 2018
Frontburner logo (Supplied by CBC)

Frontburner logo (Supplied by CBC) Photo: (Supplied by CBC)

Soon you'll be able to listen to daily news podcasts all day every day if you want to!

'The Daily' from the New York Times started last January, then came other shows like NPR's 'Up First', and 'Today, Explained' from Vox.

The Guardian, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC and NZME. are among those who have started up  daily news podcasts in the past few months.

Just this week the Washington Post launched 'Post Reports', delivered each day in time for the US evening commute.

Meanwhile, newsroom.co.nz's getting funding to make a daily 15 to 20 minute news and current affairs show called 'Daily Podcast' for RNZ.

We play an extract from CBC's 'Front Burner' looking at Google's plans to turn an area of Toronto into a hi tech testing lab for cities of the future.

'Google, Alphabet and the fight over a controversial smart city in Toronto' is hosted by Jayme Poisson, and produced by Shannon Higgins and Elaine Chau. The executive producer is Nick McCabe-Lokos and the show features CBC technology reporter Matthew Braga.