17 Nov 2018

Colourful slices of California life: Welcome to LA

From The Podcast Hour, 12:15 pm on 17 November 2018
Welcome to LA logo

Welcome to LA logo Photo: Supplied

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the US with 4 million people and its importance as a major centre for film and TV production means that for ages people have been moving there, lured by the promise of better work, and the prospect of Hollywood fame.

Among them is sound engineer David Weinberg and his girlfriend who upped sticks and moved cross-country from St Louis a few years back.

'Welcome to LA' portrays their sometimes jarring adjustment to California life, introducing a cross-section of crazy stories and kooky characters that seem to live in a grey area somewhere between fact and fiction. Petty criminals, adult entertainment workers, drum circle facilitators, Hollywood hopefuls, and Hollywood has-beens...all human life is here!

We play some of Episode 2 of KCRW's 'Welcome to LA' called Paradise Motel, produced and presented by David Weinberg.