17 Nov 2018

People doing unpopular things: How Do You Sleep At Night?

From The Podcast Hour, 12:40 pm on 17 November 2018
How Do You Sleep At Night logo (Supplied)

How Do You Sleep At Night logo (Supplied) Photo: ABC/Supplied

The ABC series 'How Do You Sleep At Night?' introduces 6 people doing unpopular or controversial things. From abortion clinic protesters, to big game hunters and people making billions from running pokie machines, the show's host Sarah McVeigh gently probes why they do what they do, and how they justify it to themselves.

We play a clip from an episode called Mr Tobacco where she shadows Patrick Muttart, a tobacco industry lobbyist who's unapologetic about his chosen career path, promoting the interests of an industry which kills 7 million of its customers every year.

'How Do You Sleep At Night?' is presented by Sarah McVeigh, Dave McDonald did the sound engineering, the supervising producer is Justine Kelly, and Kellie Riordan is the Executive Producer.