3 Nov 2018

The Dream: From 'the plane game' to pyramid schemes

From The Podcast Hour, 12:50 pm on 3 November 2018
The Dream logo

The Dream logo Photo: Supplied

'The Dream' explores the sometimes shadowy world of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing, ways of selling stuff which also encourage you to recruit new people as participants. So if you can get your friends or family members to join up, you can also earn a commission on whatever they sell.

The show's host Jane Marie used to work on the 'This American Life' show, before setting up her own podcast production studio in Los Angeles.

And she has a personal interest in this topic. Growing up in rural Michigan, she knows many people who joined these schemes (and we meet some of them later in the series). We play some of episode 1 of 'The Dream', hosted by Jane Marie for Little Everywhere.