1 Sep 2018

Swipe Left Swipe Left!: a podcast about looking for love

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 1 September 2018

The road to true love isn't always festooned with freshly-cut flowers – it can also be rutted with misfortune and bordered by anxiety, embarrassment, and humiliation...

Swipe Left logo headshot (Supplied)

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London-based couple Gavin Wong and Claire Crofton were having way too much fun hearing stories about their single friends' dating exploits to keep them private, so they created the podcast Swipe Left Swipe Left to share them with the world!

Gavin (a New Zealander who works in IT) and Claire (an English radio producer) record and make the show at weekends and in their spare time, and now total strangers are sharing their stories with them, too.

Claire and Gavin talk to Richard Scott about how they make the show - and we tune into an episode called Breaking Point.

Check out listening recommendations from Swipe Left Swipe Left's Claire Crofton and Gavin Wong:

Everyone Else - a British independent podcast. It's short, sweet, intimate and beautifully crafted. We really like the episode called 'Anchored', or 'Mae'.

(Note: We played an episode of Everyone Else on The Podcast Hour last week.]

UnFictional from KCRW - crafted documentaries from around the world, including a great recent episode called 'Haunted'.

Dear Sugars from The New York Times is totally different - it's an agony aunt advice programme and a great listen. But no crafting, just letters and empathetic chat.

Radio Atlas - subtitled foreign language radio documentaries (you need to watch on the video channel).

Tara Brach - a very nice mindfulness podcast, no audio crafting, just unadulterated wisdom!

Strangers -  gorgeous crafted interviews with music.

Re:Sound - Third Coast International Audio Festival (on in Chicago in early October 2018) sources and curates programmes from around the world, always great for discovering new things.

Short Cuts - primarily a BBC radio show, but totally perfect for podcast consumption.

Also in that category is The Digital Human.
Where Should We Begin? - fascinating voyeurism. Listening in to marriage counselling sessions. It's obscene that people consented to this, but it's totally incredible!