11 Aug 2018

Sleep With Me: the podcast that lulls you to sleep with inconsequential talk

From The Podcast Hour, 12:25 pm on 11 August 2018
Sleep With Me logo (Supplied)

Drew Ackerman doesn't care if his podcast Sleep With Me puts you to sleep – in fact, that's kind of the point.

Every month, hundreds of thousands of people around the world tune in to help them drop off.

Sleep With Me is kind of like the podcast equivalent of soft white noise or an electrical fan whirring – and the concept is quite difficult to describe to someone who hasn't heard it before.

Imagine a friendly, soothing voice meandering along, saying lots of unimportant, inconsequential stuff.

Recent episodes have been devoted to extremely detailed, blow-by-blow observations and dialogue from the TV series The Good Place

Drew Ackerman, creator and host of "Sleep with Me"

Drew Ackerman, creator and host of "Sleep with Me" Photo: Supplied

The voice of Sleep With Me is Drew Ackerman (aka Dearest Scooter) – a former librarian whose full-time job now is putting people to sleep.

Richard Scott meets him.

You can also hear Drew's dulcet tones on a recent episode of the podcast 99% Invisible called The Shipping Forecast. It's an interesting look at the history of the BBC's beloved Shipping Forecast has helped lull generations of insomniacs to sleep.

Drew Ackerman's podcast recommendations:

Girl In Space by Sarah Werner
Nocturne - a collection of stories and interviews all about the night... sleeping and insomnia are recurring themes.