21 Jul 2018

How skyscrapers work: Stuff You Should Know

From The Podcast Hour, 12:55 pm on 21 July 2018
Josh & Chuck, the presenters of Stuff You Should Know

Josh & Chuck, the presenters of Stuff You Should Know Photo: (Supplied)

Take two engaging hosts, one interesting topic, add some reading and background research, and then record a conversation where they explain the subject's complexities, and tell each other all the most interesting bits.

That's the basic recipe of the Stuff You Should Know podcast, and with more than 1000 episodes recorded over the past 10 years, and millions of downloads every month, you could say that it's working!

Recent episodes have covered anarchism, Sea Monkeys, condoms, Ponzi schemes and narwahls- not words you'll often hear together in the same sentence.

This episode called 'Skyscrapers: 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky' answers the question of how skyscrapers work. And hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant have a knack of making the answer sound surprisingly simple. Thanks to Jeri Rowland for letting us use this clip.