21 Jul 2018

Griefcast: comedians share tales of bereavement and loss

From The Podcast Hour, 12:35 pm on 21 July 2018
Griefcast logo

Griefcast logo Photo: Supplied

Bereavement and grief are major life events that happen to all of us eventually.

But there aren't many how-to guides to help you navigate your way through the death of a loved one, and it isn't always an easy subject to talk about.

Inspired by her own experiences, the English actor and comedian Cariad Lloyd started collecting life stories about grief and loss in her podcast 'Griefcast', which has just won Podcast of The Year (and also awards for best interview and best entertainment podcast) at the British Podcast Awards.

We play excerpts from Griefcast's interviews with Susan Wokoma and Robert Webb, and speak to Cariad Lloyd about how she got the idea to start the podcast up.