23 Mar 2024

The Mixtape: Comedian Guy Williams

From The Mixtape, 4:00 pm on 23 March 2024

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Bringing the tunes and a barrel of energy to the Mixtape is comedian and self-proclaimed ‘volunteer journalist’ Guy Williams.

Guy is a winner of the prestigious Billy T award and a regular face on our screens, starting out on comedy news show Jono and Ben and now hosting his own TV series New Zealand Today - a show that puts New Zealand’s small towns, and anything wacky that goes on there, on a pedestal. 

He’s been charging around the motu digging up the most interesting stories for the fourth season of the show.

You can catch New Zealand Today Season Four on TV Three Now.

Comedian Guy Williams with Music 101's Charlotte Ryan

Guy’s songs: Photo:

Nesian Mystik - For the People
Paul Williams - Surf Music
Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart
Kanye West - Jesus walks
Frank Ocean - Swim Good
Chance the Rapper - 65th & Ingleside