11 Aug 2022

The Mixtape: Murray Cammick

From The Mixtape, 5:00 pm on 11 August 2022

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Today's RNZ Mix Tape guest is Murray Cammick - Sometimes interviewing close friends one has known for decades can be surprisingly more challenging than those who are acquaintances or unknown..

Not so with this week's RNZ Mixtape ..Murray's personal passion for music (especially American Soul) has seen Murray continue to be active as a club DJ and his long running BFM show Land of the Good Groove is still destination listening.

Murray Cammick DJ

Murray Cammick DJ Photo: Josh Hetherington

His song choices are: 

Ray Charles - Lonely Avenue 
Elvis Presley - Suspicion 
Leela James - Music 
Roosevelt Song - Night Moves
Prince Fatty, Shniece Mcmenamin - Black Rabbit 
Red Astaire aka Freddie Cruger - Rolling stone 
Bahama Social club - Never Run No More feat. John Lee Hooker
Ladyhawke - My Love 
Herbs - Long Ago