21 May 2019

This week in the House: zero carbon and last year's finances

From The House , 6:55 pm on 21 May 2019

The zero carbon bill will have its first reading this week making official the country's effort to tackle climate change. 

It will help ensure New Zealand meets its requirements under the Paris Agreement to tackle global temperature increases but it's not the only thing MPs will work on this week.

MPs are at parliament on and off for a number of weeks as dictated by the sitting programme. What they'll work on while in the House is decided by the Leader of the House Chris Hipkins.

Mr Hipkins said as well as the zero carbon bill the House will work on an iwi settlement bill, the annual review debate, and a member's day.

Leader of the House Chris Hipkins Nov 2017

  Leader of the House Chris Hipkins Photo: VNP / Daniela Maoate-Cox