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He iti hau marangai e tū te pāhokahoka

A little storm and then a rainbow appears


He aitua a Nin Tomas (1957 - 2014) Hoki atu ki to maunga ko Whangatauatia kia rere pai nga wai o Karirikura, a tahuri to wairua ki Te Rerenga Wairua oki oki ai. 

Tributes flowed following the death of Associate Law Professor Nin Tomas earlier this week.  Metiria Turei remembers her time under her tutelage. As too, Khylee Quince who kindly allowed us to link to her written  heartfelt response about her relationship with Tomas.

An analogue version of flickr is how Photographer John Miller describes the process used during the six weeks of the Springbok Tour in 1981, where a photographic competition in Auckland was used as a means of securing photographs. John Miller recalls that period with Maraea Rakuraku while, looking at screenshots of the images from that time that, comprise his exhibition Tour Scrums.

In some ways Gerard Dobson epitomises the Pākehā face of the protestors during the 1981 Springbok Tour -lean, fearless and politicised through involvement in student politics. No surprises then that he features in the photographs taken by Miller, depicting the battles on the streets surrounding Athletic Park, on the day of the Second Test 29 August, 1981. Maraea Rakuraku accompanies Dobson to the exhibition Tour Scrums.         

The film, The Pā Boys written and directed by Himiona Grace is currently screening in a cinema near you. Grace talks through his inspiration behind the story and the exhaustion and elation that accompanies living and breathing your work. 

Waiata featured: Rainbow Warrior performed by Dread, Beat and Blood from the Album Tribute to a Friend, Native Oppression performed by Survival from the Album Te Rangatahi When the Haka became Boogie’s Greatest Bits 2,  Tanemahuta performed by Matariki Whatarau, Poi performed by The Pā Boys, Selfish performed by Francis Kora from the album Music from The Pa Boys (2014)