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Tauārai i te po, Titoko i te ao Mārama, Ko te wehe a Ihoa, Te Timatanga I te whakaaro nui.

In the vales of darkness seek learning and understanding it is wisdom, it is life.

This weeks whakatāuki is explained by Takurua Tawera nō Ngai Tuhoe.

The White Ribbon Ride is about taking the anti-violence message to communities across Aotearoa. A group of Māori health and social workers, Te Ahi Kikoha is taking part, Justine Murray talks to Takurua Tawera from their stopover in Hawera.

Takurua on his Boulevard Motorcycle part of the West wind in the White Ribbon Ride campaign.
(Photo courtesy of White Ribbon Campaign.)

Te Puia – The New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute in Rotorua celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.  In an interview from 1963, Jean Abley interviews its first Director Mr P.H Leonard.  In an interview from 1980, weaving tutor Emily Schuster explains with Haare Williams how she attained and created pā harakeke for use at the institute and Rotorua marae.

Te Hape B Trust Chairman Hardi Peni takes Country Life producer Susan Murray on a tour of the farming station in Bennydale, Hawkes Bay.  Her profile of the farming station went on to win the TB free New Zealand Rongo award at the New Zealand Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Communicators evening. Te Ahi Kaa replays the interview.

Waiata featured:  ‘I muri ahiahi’ performed by Ngatapa Black from the album I muri ahiahi (2013), ‘Ne Ra’ performed by Kirsten Te Rito from the album Te Rito (2012) and ‘Ruaimoko’ performed by Maisey Rika from the album Whitiora (2012)