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E whakapiki hauora oranga hoki mo te hunga e pāngia ana e te kaiponapona.

To improve the health and wellbeing of people who are affected by arthritis.

Te Ahi Kaa this week provides an insight into the arthritic illness, gout.

Leading Rheumatologist Dr Peter Gow explains what gout is and how it affects the body. Over the past two decades he has worked alongside Pacific Island and Māori communities where gout is most prevalent. He talks about how to manage gout and explains that it is a curable form of arthritis.

Anatoa Te Kira works at a grassroots level with gout sufferers and their families; she takes professionals to the people through hosting free seminars in the community. As an arthritis educator with Arthritis New Zealand, she covers the Gisborne, Wairarapa and Hutt Valley regions, she chats with Justine Murray about her role.

At a community gout seminar in Naenae Dr Chula Rajapakse explains the importance of giving up the regular fizzy drinks, while dietician Chelsea Marsh talks about a few foods to have in moderation for gout sufferers.

Gout panorama
(Left) Star Olsen shares his story at a gout community seminar at Naenae, Lower Hutt. Mohi Waihi has cut back on some of the bad kai to keep his gout under control, he's kept it at bay for a year.

Mohi Waihi; Regan Murray and Star Olsen were diagnosed with gout at various stages of their lives, to all three the news was unexpected and resulted in a few lifestyle changes, they each share their story.

Waiata featured:  ‘Wake Up’ performed by Aaradhna from the album Treble & Reverb (2012)