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Kāhore taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini.

We cannot succeed without the support of those around us.

This week’s whakatāuki is explained by Te-A Matehaere nō Te whanau a Tauwhao, Te Patuwai.

Motiti Island is located about six miles off the Mount Maunganui coastline. In June this year Justine Murray took the eight minute Cessna flight to the island to spend the day with Kaumatua Graham Hoete. Graham grew up on the island and only left to take up work in the eastern Bay of Plenty. In 1995, he moved back and has been there ever since.  There’s a keen sense of DIY at his whare with a solar power house, outside shower facilities and the diesel generators that power up when needed. Graham talks about the once-thriving maize industry on the island in the late 1950’s and the effect the Rena stranding in 2011 placed upon the small community.

motiti nine
Graham Hoete at his home on Motiti Island with his portrait painted by artist son Mr G, pictured right an aerial
view of Motiti Island. (Photo supplied by Simmone Hoete, copyright Paul Ensor)

In part two of the award winning documentary Remembering Mākereti about the life of Maggie Papakura (1873 – 1930) Paul Diamond picks up the story in 1912, following a concert tour to Australia and England.

motiti ten
Graham at Wairanaki, Motiti Island. His home is powered by solar panels and during the colder months diesel generators.


Waiata featured: ‘He Tāonga’ performed by Whirimako Black from the album Hinepukohurangi/Shrouded in the Mist (2001), ‘You’re dreaming’ performed by Katchafire from the album On the Road Again (2010).