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04 Pāenga Whāwhā (April) 2010

"Ko a tātou tamariki nga Rangatira mo apōpo."
Learners today, Leaders tomorrow.

This week's whakatāuki is explained by Herewini Katene (Ngā Rauru)

Controversial Mayor of Whanganui Michael Laws is back in the media; this time ordering Whanganui road signs with an 'h' in, to be taken down.

In December last year, Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson gazetted both names, meaning Whanganui with or without the 'h' is officially recognised, and the New Zealand Land and Transport Authority noted signs will carry the new spelling when replaced. In the heat of the debate, in August of 2009, a handful of 11-12 year olds from Otaki School were tasked by their teacher Matua Herewini Kātene to write letters to Mayor Michael Laws giving their thoughts on the issue. Justine Murray visits the school to find out how they coped with the attention.

The Relay for Life is a Cancer Society event held around New Zealand to raise awareness for cancer related illnesses. Porirua is the first city to focus strongly on Māori and Pacific Island participation. The event involves teams from organisations or families to take turns walking or running a course over seventeen hours. To keep motivation up, tents equipped with sleeping gear were set up, live bands performed and body jam sessions were held, not to mention an ample supply of food and coffee. Justine catches up with organising committee member Florence Aiono.

Ngatapa Black has spent the last 15 years working in Māori media. Now she's coming from behind the scenes into centre stage, as she launches her music career. Musical whanau influences have always been around - her mum Whirimako Black is already a successful Māori singer and songwriter. Ngatapa talks to Justine Murray about her upcoming EP and its first single Lovely Day.