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15 Whiringa ā Rangi (November) 2009

"He manako te koura e kore ai"
There is no crayfish as you set your heart on them -Rather than wishing for
it, go and get it.
This week's whakatauki was explained by Alex-Ann Edwards (Ngāti Kahungunu)

Lillian Gray suggests reasons as to why the Māori diet is so poor, which is based purely on her practical experience as an organic kumara grower along the East coast of New Zealand at Uawa- Tolaga Bay.

When Alex-Ann Edwards (Ngāti Kahungunu) first started learning te reo Māori through the language programme Te Ataarangi, little did she know it would lead to her developing a board game encompassing all things Ngāti Kahungunu called TōkuIwi. Adopting the standard gameboard format, success at the game is achieved by asking and answering general knowledge questions relevant to Ngāti Kahungunu iwi in te reo Māori, effectively improving your iwi knowledge and te reo Māori skills at the same time. In discussion with Edwards, Justine Murray talks about the entrepreneurial skills driving the development of TōkuIwi.

Te Ahi Kaa gets to the heart of hapu and iwi politics and explore protest action taken by Te Maru o Ngati Wahiao some weeks ago against the wording in a bill that they felt unjustly removed their rights as manawhenua, to recent developments where they seem to have achieved what they wanted.