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24 o Haratua (May) 2009

''Ko te waka e hoetahi e tae, Ko te waka e hoerua e kore e tae"

The waka rowed in unison will arrive at its destination,
The waka that is not rowed in unison will be delayed.

Explanation by Kingi Biddle nō Te Arawa

Te Ahi Kaa has part two of an interview (part one played 17 May 2009) with Ngāti Whakaue legal expert Claire Charters who is based in the UK and as a representative of the Aotearoa Indigenous Rights Trust (A.I.R), a New Zealand based NGO (non-government organisation) made submissions and lobbied on behalf of Māori to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Charters discusses how New Zealand meets its human rights obligations to Māori when reviewed by member states of the United Nations (UN) and how effective the recommendations of the international fora are when weighed up with the realities of the domestic situation.

Karoline Tamāti aka Ladi 6 has come a long way since starting out in the music business. Her stint with Sheelaroc, the all girl hip-hop group honed rapping skills and she has recently released a solo album. As a teen growing up in Christchurch, Ladi was often mistaken for being Māori and admits that most of the time she didn't correct people. She talks with Justine Murray on the eve of her promotional tour in Australia for her album released earlier this Time is not much

In Ngā Taonga Kōrero, Ward Waari Holmes of the Māori Development Corporation addresses the first New Zealand Māori Sports Awards ceremony held in Auckland in 1991.

Waiata featured include:

Time is not much from the album Time is not much by Ladi 6

Give me the light

Walk Right Up

If I gave you the Mic from the album Rhian Sheehan-Paradigm Shiftby Sheelaroc

R.S.V.P from the album Elevator Musiq by Nesian Mystik