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07 Hakihea (December) 2008

"Ka pu te rūha Ka Hao te rangatahi."
When the old net is cast aside, the new net goes fishing.
Explanation by Hone Ngata

Lexie Starkey describes an idyllic childhood in the 1930s and 1940s at Mangamaunu Pa, Kaikoura, where life revolved around the pa, whānau and a diet determined by the seasons. At 78-years-old, Lexie fondly recalls her life growing up in that period, when, as a kid she would collect birds' eggs and feast on kōmene and karaka berries.

With Ngāti Rangiwewehi whakapapa, it's little wonder Katerina Pihera aka Princess ATAK has moved into a musical career. She follows in the steps of Teremoana Rapley,Ladi6, Sheelaroc,MC Nemesis and Temple Jones, who set the female hip hop scene ablaze in the 1990s. Princess ATAK is one wāhine determined to do her part to feminise Aotearoa hip hop. She talks with Maraea Rakuraku about what that entails and how exposure overseas to indigenous hip hop crews hearten her own performances.

Phat hip hopsters by night and primary school teachers by day is how it rolls for Infinite Rensta and DJ Kinetic,aka Rene Seidl and Kahu Kuchal. Theyexplain to Justine Murray and Maraea Rakurakuhow theiridentity as Māori informs their lyrics, performances and alter egos and what they believe ultimately gives them the edge in the competitive hip hop market.

Kahu Kuchal recalls his growing desire to become a DJ and how his father thought it was a 'phase' he was going through. But this wasn't the case. Kahu was serious about hip hop and took up turntabilism - he scratches records to form the beat that his M.C. Rensta 'spits', or speaks, rhymes to.

Rensta (No Te Rarawa me Te Aupouri) is the lyricist of the duo. His passion is to incorporate tikanga Māori into their rhymes.

Nga Kupu Hou / New words to learn

Whakaaro - thought or thinking

Kōrero - talk, speak

Ngāko - essence or greater meaning of something, commonly used to refer to best part of food

Ahuatanga Māori - the appearance of something

Mau rākau - tāiaha performing arts

Paru - dirty

He iwi Rangatira - tribal people

Rangatiratanga - chieftainship

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Waiata featured include:

AEIOU by Moana Manaipoto from Rua

Track 1 by DJ Kinetic from DJ Kinetic presents Kinetic Underground Aotearoa Hip Hop 2007

Forget the Critics by DJ Kinetic, as recorded live at HIP HOP AOTEAROA October, 30th, 2008

Hine e Hine by Ngati Rangiwewehi featuring a solo by Atareta Maxwell from the album Spirit of Ngati Rangiwewehi, 1998 South Pacific recordings

Manawanui- Pumau by Ngati Rangiwewehi from the album Spirit of Ngati Rangiwewehi, 1998 South Pacific recordings