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21 Mahuru (September) 2008

"Ka kitea ko nga whatu ka kitea ko te ngakau."
Unless the eyes don't see it, the heart is never going to see it.
Explanation by Amster Reedy Ngati Porou

It was a dual celebration when Katerina Daniels was named as one of the five kaumatua receiving Ta Kingi Ihaka Awards, for her services to the Arts at the recent Nga Taonga Toi a Te Waka Toi. She was also celebrating her 56th wedding anniversary. Te Arawa born Daniels talks of her initial shock living in the South Island, where she lived for over 40 years, and where she longed to hear Te Reo Maori spoken so much, she would go to the pub. She talks with Justine Murray.

Dream Fish Floating brought accolades and awards for Pacific poet Karlo Mila. Playwright and fellow poet, Leilani Unasa reviews her latest collection, A Well Written Body finding parallels with her own life as a Pacific woman negotiating all those parts of dual identity, motherhood and marriage. Mila reads three poems from the book; I am not a Play centre mother, Creation Myth and Victory to the People: Nikolasi is born.

There's no denying the musical talent of Emma Paki. She seemed to be everywhere in the 1990s then it seemed after all the success and accolades she fell off the radar. Surfacing at music festivals and backing local acts, her career has seemed haphazard at best. Yet this girl from Wairaka can sing and when she lets it loose it's magic. Melody Thomas kicks it with Paki.

"Stand up Alone" from Emma Paki's 1993 album Oxygen of Love closes the programme.