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2011: Inside Out - the chemistry of food, sex and ageing

The Royal Society Science 2011 Lecture Series Inside Out: the chemistry of food, sex and ageing

The role that chemistry plays in our everyday lives is enormous, but generally goes unnoticed. At the close of 2011 and the International Year of Chemistry, The Royal Society of New Zealand’s annual ‘Talking Heads’ series turns its attention to the way chemistry underpins our lives.

Kim Hill talks to chemists to examine some of life’s complex questions. What exactly are free radicals? How does UV light affect our skin? Is there a chemical difference between males and females? And is the saying “you are what you eat” correct?

The 2011 Talking Heads series was recorded at public events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and produced by the Royal Society of New Zealand in association with Radio New Zealand and the MacDiarmid Institute.