28 Jan 2024

Andrew Read: How worrying is the JN1 Variant?

From Sunday Morning, 8:10 am on 28 January 2024

New Zealander Dr Andrew Read is the director of its Institutes of Life Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. He works at the forefront of international research on Covid and specialises in the ways infectious diseases work, 

He joins us  to explore the emergence of the JN1 variant, its worrying ability to target lung cells and what this means in a world of semi-immune populations.  

"The concern with any of these new variants that are rising in frequency is that they do something better than their predecessors." 

Illustration of coronavirus particles. Coronaviruses cause several diseases in humans, including covid-19, SARS and forms of the common cold. (Photo by NOBEASTSOFIERCE/SCIENCE PHOTO LI / DDJ / Science Photo Library via AFP)