19 Feb 2023

Philip Oldfield: Saudi Arabia's 'The Line' megacity

From Sunday Morning, 8:30 am on 19 February 2023
The Line construction as seen from space

Photo: Soar

You won't see it on Google Earth but The MIT Technology Review has obtained exclusive satellite pictures, in conjunction with Soar Earth, an Australian startup, showing work well underway on Saudi Arabia’s sci-fi megacity, known as the Line.

Announced in 2021 The Line is designed to house up to 9 million people in a zero-carbon supercity located inside a 170km long, half a kilometre high structure.

Concept Design of "The Line" megacity in Saudi Arabia

Photo: Neom

Jim talks to the Head of School at UNSW Built Environment, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Dr Philip Oldfield, about the ethical and technological issues surrounding the colossal project.