11 Dec 2022

Emily Writes: Going goblin in 2022

From Sunday Morning, 8:50 am on 11 December 2022
Boy sleeping with pizza on bed (Photo by Alys Tomlinson / Image Source / Image Source via AFP)


The phrase "goblin mode" has been selected by the Oxford Dictionary as its word of the year. 

In an online vote, it was decided that 'goblin mode' best sums up the temper of the times.

Wellington author and blogger Emily Writes tells Jim Mora that she'll be embracing her inner 'goblin mode' for a full week.

"I'm going to be like Winnie the Pooh, no pants, just walking around my house eating chips straight from the bag, watching really bad reality TV," she says.

For her, going into 'goblin' mode is a break away from a whirlwind few years of managing the pandemic and raising two children, she says.

Emily Writes

Emily Writes Photo: Supplied

"I feel like it's a rejection of, for me, like boss babe culture and being your best self, and having to do everything right be perfect and have this Instagram-worthy life.

"I'm just too tired for that, I just want to lay in bed and watch bad TV, I'm exhausted."

Although, she admits it's hard to put the pandemic aside when one of her boys is immunocompromised.

"I feel like I'm still very deep in the pandemic and we've found the whole year really overwhelming. 

"I think a lot of people are hitting a wall right now, they're just exhausted and don't have the energy to do things."

But she hopes in another few years, there won't be a need for 'goblin mode'.

"I hope that eventually we're going to be able to give ourselves time and sort of reject all the pressures out there and be able to do that without having to have a special word for it, that would be nice I think."