13 Nov 2022

Dr Zazie Todd: how we know your dog loves you

From Sunday Morning, 10:05 am on 13 November 2022

Although New Zealanders prefer cats to dogs, unlike other similar countries, we still love dogs as well - we have 700,00 of them, and 28% of New Zealanders are dog owners. We don't know the stats for homes that contain both cats and dogs, but they would be quite high as well.

Dr Zazie Todd is a cat person and a dog person. She trained in human psychology, until a dog named Ghost changed her focus. Dr Todd is an animal behaviour expert and the author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy. She tells Jim what's going on in the life and times of your dog.

Composite image of animal behaviour expert Zazie Todd sitting with her dog overlayed with the cover of her book "Wag: The Science of Making your Dog Happy

Photo: companionanimalpsychology.com