12 Sep 2021

Music trumps TV and baking for feel-good lockdown moments

From Sunday Morning, 11:42 am on 12 September 2021

Have you listened to more music during lockdown? A recent study in Australia asked participants to rank lockdown activities in terms of most to least effective at making them "feel better." Not surprisingly, watching television and films was the most popular activity, but listening to music was ranked as the No 1 activity at making people feel better, followed by singing and dancing. TV watching featured way down the list, at 18 out of 27. Study co-author Dr Frederic Kiernan researches the relationship between music, creativity, emotion and wellbeing from historical, psychological and sociological perspectives. He joins the show to look at the study's results. 

Beautiful blond woman listening to music through headphones. Lying on a wooden floor.

Photo: 123RF