6 Oct 2019

Gin Wigmore - bringing Romeo & Juliet to the stage

From Sunday Morning, 9:45 am on 6 October 2019

In 1996 Australian filmmaker Baz Lurmann made a big splash by putting Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet on the big-screen in a contemporary setting. Helping to colour the movie's moods and reflect the mid-90s pop-culture was its soundtrack featuring big name acts Radiohead and Garbage and soon to be huge hits from The Cardigans and Des'ree. The soundtrack will be celebrated over two nights, December 7 and 8, at the Civic in Auckland with an all-star cast of local singing talent, supported by a 30-piece orchestra, choir and full rock band. Gin Wigmore is one of the stars of this show.

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Photo: Skip.co.nz