7 Apr 2019

Paul Brislen: Huawei not in the business of dotting i's and crossing t's

From Sunday Morning, 7:18 am on 7 April 2019
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Photo: AFP / NurPhoto

A serious flaw in the Huawei Matebook laptops, which was discovered this week by Microsoft researchers, could have been used to take control of machines. Though there is no evidence the "sophisticated flaw" -- which was reportedly introduced at the manufacture stage -- was malicious handy work by the company, Huawei is coming under increasing scrutiny for its close ties to the Chinese government, and the flaw allegedly had all the hallmarks of a "backdoor" created by the US's National Security Agency to spy on the computers of targets. New Zealand tech commentator Paul Brislen from Brislen Communications offers his take on the flaw and the Huawei story.