10 Mar 2019

Shelith Hansbro: Babies in prisons stop women reoffending

From Sunday Morning, 8:38 am on 10 March 2019
Shelith Hansbro

Shelith Hansbro Photo: supplied

Shelith Hansbro is a former warden in the Moms and Babies Program at the Decatur Correctional Centre, part of the Illinois Department of Corrections in the USA. In 11 years of the programme only six out of 95 women have been back to prison within 3 years of being released. She's been in New Zealand to speak at the Presbyterian Support Northern Speaker series as well as speaking to corrections staff and politicians about letting mothers keep their newborns with them while they do their time behind bars. Shelith Hansbro speaks to Jim about how the mother-child bond has reduced reoffending rates for these women. She also explains its often the first chance the mothers have had to learn about how to be a good parent by offering a range of classes to the women in the moms and babies units.