2 Sep 2018

Cosmologist Beatrice Tinsley's life on stage in Bright Star

From Sunday Morning, 8:37 am on 2 September 2018
Beatrice Hill Tinsley

Beatrice Hill Tinsley Photo: Wikipedia

The story of brilliant cosmologist Beatrice Tinsley is relatively unknown. Tinsley was born Beatrice Hill in England but grew up in New Zealand attending New Plymouth Girls High School and later Canterbury University. She moved to Dallas, Texas, and her groundbreaking PhD thesis in 1966 was "Evolution of Galaxies and its Significance for Cosmology". But she faced significant challenges professionally and personally. Now her story heads to the stage in Bright Star, a play written by Stuart Hoar and directed by Paul Gittins. It's running at Auckland's Herald Theatre from September 4.  

Listen to Beatrice Tinsley's letters here