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7:11 Professor Gary McLean: International Covid-19 update 

New Zealand professor Gary McLean is a professor in molecular immunology at London Metropolitan University who specialises in infectious diseases, immunology and antibody engineering. A regular guest on Sunday Morning over the past month, he joins the show for an up-to-date overview on the spread of Covid-19 and how the world is reacting. 

Gary McLean

Gary McLean Photo: Supplied

7.30 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament with Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith.

7:46 Kiwi stuck in Peru during Covid-19 lockdown gets back to UK

Over the last few weeks we've been speaking with Jo Tovee, a Kiwi stuck in Lima amid some fraught circumstances as a tourist during the Covid-19 lockdown. Since we last caught up with Jo, she managed to get on a UK repatriate flight and land in London. We hear what happened, and her plans moving forward.

Jo Tovee

Jo Tovee Photo: Supplied

7:50 Calling Home: Tom Simpson in Katrineholm, Sweden

While most of the world is on lockdown, Sweden is taking a different approach to controlling the spread of Covid-19. The country hasn't closed its borders and many restaurants, gyms and stores and schools remain open, while citizens are expected to be responsible and vigilant. Tom Simpson, who runs a NZ Pie business from Katrineholm, talks to Jim about how life has changed in Sweden despite not being in lockdown.

Tom and Victoria Simpson

Tom and Victoria Simpson Photo: Supplied

8:10 Covid-19: 'Do-gooder impostor' cases on the rise 

With so many people now working from home, or not at all, due to Covid-19, the 'impostor syndrome' that often occurs in the workplace is on the backburner. It has been replaced by a rise in what Dr. Sandi Mann, an occupational psychologist at the University of Central Lancashire, calls the 'do-gooder syndrome.' That is, people who do lots of acts of kindness, but are instantly dismissive of them. Dr. Mann joins the show to discuss the syndrome and how it happens. 

Dr Sandi Mann

Dr Sandi Mann Photo: supplied

8:28 3MM: Tommy Kapai Wilson on trading in mana, not money

Three Minutes Max, New Zealanders with short opinions. Here's Tommy Kapai Wilson from Tauranga's Te Tuinga Whanau Trust on the meeting of a bat and a cat in a Wuhan wet market, and how we must now trade in mana, not money.

Tommy Wilson is the CEO of Te Tuinga Whanau Trust, formed 27 years ago by the Māori Womens Welfare League.

Tommy Wilson is the CEO of Te Tuinga Whanau Trust, formed 27 years ago by the Māori Womens Welfare League. Photo: RNZ/Justine Murray

8:31 Covid-19: Kiwis now more concerned about becoming seriously ill 

Research New Zealand continues to take the pulse of the nation as an essential service working through the Covid-19 lockdown. Emanuel Kalafatelis joins the show to reveal the results of the latest survey, which along with canvassing how worried people are about their own health, asked whether the police should get tougher and if there should be a curfew introduced.

Sign outside the emergency room of a hospital

Photo: 123RF

8:40 Linda Clark & Michael Barnett on NZ's Covid-19 response

Panellists Linda Clark and Michael Barnett are back again to offer their thoughts on New Zealand's response to the threat of Covid-19 and how the country is managing 10 days into the lockdown period.   

Director-General of Heatlh Dr Ashley Bloomfield gives the latest figures on the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. (3/4/20)

Director-General of Heatlh Dr Ashley Bloomfield gives the latest figures on the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. Photo: POOL / NZ Herald

9:06 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch looks back at a week in which coronavirus crisis hit the media hard. Radio Sport went off air, a government ban on magazines angered publishers - and one of them pulled the plug on our most important local magazines. Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Hayden Donnell.

No caption

Photo: 123RF/Radio Sport

9:40  Professor Michael Baker answers your Covid-19 questions

Professor Michael Baker has been with us since the pandemic's early days and joins the show once again to answer your Covid-19 questions. Email your questions to or text 2101. 

No caption

Photo: RNZ/Philippa Tolley

10:06 Empty Planet: the world's next big population threat

In his latest book, Empty Planet, author and political scientist Darrell Bricker bucks conventional wisdom by asserting a drastically different prediction for the future of the human species. While other predictions suggest there will be 9 billion people on earth by 2050, Bricker and co-author John Ibbitson assert the human population will actually start to decline in three decades. 

Darrell Bricker - CEO Ipsos Public Affairs

Darrell Bricker - CEO Ipsos Public Affairs Photo: Supplied

10:33 Trapped Kiwi facing intense lockdown conditions in French Guiana

Things have intensified significantly in French Guiana since we spoke to Nicholas Holmes a fortnight ago. Holmes, who travelled to the French region to pick up his daughter for a holiday back in New Zealand, has seen the local lockdown extended another four weeks and a curfew put in place from 9pm until 5am. Those who break the curfew risk a €3750 fine or six months' jail. 

New Zealander Nicholas Holmes in stuck in french Guiana

New Zealander Nicholas Holmes in stuck in french Guiana Photo: Supplied

10:39 Off the grid: Life on Great Barrier Island during lockdown

Great Barrier Island saw an influx of boaties as Covid-19 restrictions came into force, putting extra pressure on the small island's resources. Third generation resident Tom Daly, lives on the off-the-grid with his wife and three children under six. He talks to Jim about how they are all coping.

Tom and Beth Daly with their children Beau (6), Finn (4), Hucks (2).

Tom and Beth Daly with their children Beau (6), Finn (4), Hucks (2). Photo: Supplied

10:48 Campground blues: When a holiday turns into weeks of isolation

Steve and Jacqui Clark unexpectedly had to bunker down in Himatangi Beach Holiday Park after coming to New Zealand for a holiday and getting caught up in lockdown. The Brunei-based couple were in the country to visit family, and are now finding ways to fill their days stuck in the campground near Palmerston North.

Steve and Jacqui Clark

Steve and Jacqui Clark Photo: Supplied

10:52 Covid-19: Takeaways available, golf courses now open in Australia 

Australia still appears to be a land of confusion when it comes to Covid-19 and the restrictions (or lack thereof) in place during the lockdown on there. Australian correspondent Rebekah Holt joins the show from Melbourne with all the latest Covid-19 stories from across the ditch. 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: An elderly couple sit at a table in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, following an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), in Sydney, Australia.

Photo: 2020 Anadolu Agency/ AFP

11:05 Sir Michael Morpurgo: Covid-19 will leave us a kinder world

Sir Michael Morpurgo believes that once the Covid-19 pandemic has finally been beaten, the world will be a kinder, more compassionate place. The acclaimed author of War Horse wants to reinforce a line that he has borrowed from the German playwright and poet Bertolt Brech - in dark times there will still be singing. 

Author Michael Morpurgo, pictured with the goose puppet from the London stage production of War Horse.

Author Michael Morpurgo, pictured with the goose puppet from the London stage production of War Horse. Photo: National Theatre

11:33 Fiji grapples with fallout of Covid-19

Denarau is one of the tourism hotspots of Fiji, drawing international guests who want to surf, snorkel and sun. But things have ground to a halt as the island nation deals with its own Covid-19 lockdown. New Zealander Andrew Rhodes runs a yacht charter business out of Denarau, and talks to Jim about how things have changed in the past week after the country confirmed five Covid-19 cases.

Port Denarau near Nadi, Fiji.

Port Denarau near Nadi, Fiji. Photo: RNZ / Bridget Tunnicliffe

11:41 How to cook good lockdown food on the smell of an oily rag 

We first met Jackie Norman last year when she released her book My Van, My Castle, which told the story of her selling her house and taking to life on the road in her trusty van. She's learned a lot about food and making high-quality, low-cost meals in the ensuing period. Jackie's back to share a few of her favourite lockdown recipes with listeners.