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Sunday for 12 December 2010

8:12 Insight: Name Suppression

Insight examines the new proposals to change the law around name suppression and asks whether they go far enough.
Written and presented by Anne Marie May
Produced by Sue Ingram

8:40 Hermann Hiery - Germany in the Pacific

Professor of History at the University of Bayreuth, Dr Hiery discusses Germany's relationship with Samoa. The first Germans came for whaling, married local women, and became contacts for traders which allowed political interests to take hold. In the battle amongst colonial powers, Samoa was split between US and Germany, but Dr Hiery argues the German influence strengthened Samoan culture and tradition and better prepared Samoans for the challenges of the 20th century.

9:06 Mediawatch

This week, Mediawatch looks at the serious business of serious reporting. What's the state of investigative journalism these days? And why do some pundits say it's no longer just a job for journalists? Mediawatch also looks at the current state of current affairs on TV. Is it at a new low, as some critics claim? Who's paying for it these days - and does that matter?
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Jason Garman - A Toilet for Christmas

Over the past five years, Oxfam has raised more than $3.5 million in its annual Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas campaign. Shoppers choose from a catalogue of around 50 presents such as toilets, pigs, ducks and seeds. They get a card to give to a friend, and the gift goes to people in the developing world. Jason Garman talks about how the Unwrapped campaign supports Oxfam New Zealand's work in the Pacific.

A pig a toilet and a duck.

10:06 Ian Morris - Why the West Rules

Ian Morris explores why the West has been so dominant for the past 200 years, and how long its power will last as the emergence of China and India threaten the end of the West as a superpower. Ian looks at patterns of human history and finds it's not race, culture or great individuals that explain western dominance - but the crucial effects of geography and human ingenuity.
Ian Morris is a Professor of Classics and History and a fellow of the Archaeology Centre at Stanford University. His book, 'Why the West Rules - For Now' is published by Profile Books.

10:45 Hidden Treasures

This week on Hidden Treasures our host Trevor Reekie features a song from a local album that, upon its release, included an exhibition of paintings interpreting the songs of one of Aotearoa's most prominent songwriters.
Produced by Trevor Reekie

11.05 Ideas: Insurance

The Earthquake Commission has received more than 160,000 claims as a result of September's Canterbury earthquake. Houses destroyed, cars crushed, heirlooms smashed; it's shaping up to be the biggest insurance payout in the country's history. Ideas talks to AMI CEO John Balmforth about the impact of the quake on the insurance industry; former Government Actuary Geoff Rashbrooke about the history of insurance, and Insurance Ombudsman Karen Stevens.
Presented by Chris Laidlaw
Produced by Jeremy Rose

11.55 Feedback

What you, the listeners, say on the ideas and issues that have appeared in the programme.