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Sunday for 21 December 2008

8:12 Insight: Protecting Tuna Stocks

Insight looks at what's being done to protect tuna stocks in the Pacific and whether new measures to save the fishery from a serious decline have any hope of working.
Produced by Philippa Tolley

8:40 Feature interview: Temple Sinai Torah

Members of Wellington's Temple Sinai recently took their precious Torah on a trip back to where it came from in the Czech Republic. Rabbi Johanna Hershenson and Dr Paul Blaschke tell Bryan Crump about the Torah's rescue from the Nazis, how it ended up in New Zealand, and why it was taken back for a ceremony this year.
Produced by Christine Cessford

9:05 Mediawatch

Mediawatch looks back at the year in the media, picking out some losers, winners, heroes and villains from 2008. The programme also investigates the blurring of the boundary between advertising and the editorial content in our media - an issue which could be a big one in 2009.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:30 Feature interview: Lockerbie - 20 years after the disaster

It's 20 years to the day that a terrorist bomb went off on Pan Am flight 103. The aircraft exploded over the Scottish village of Lockerbie, killing all 259 people on board, and 11 on the ground. Jill Haldane was born and brought up in Lockerbie and was there on that night. She now lives in Levin and she's recently completed a book and an oral history of her home town. She talks to Bryan Crump about how Lockerbie residents coped with the disaster.
Produced by Christine Cessford

9:55 Notes from the South

Dougal Stevenson in Dunedin, recalls lazy days on his lilo.
Produced by Christine Cessford

10:06 The Sunday Group: Crazy at Christmas

Christmas can be the best time of the year, and the worst. Why do we get so stressed and what's the best way to deal with it? The Sunday Group this week comes up with some answers. Bryan Crump chairs a panel that includes social commentator Pinky Agnew; the deputy head of the School of Psychology at Victoria University, Dr Marc Wilson; and the Reverend Dr Margaret Mayman, Minister at St Andrews on The Terrace in Wellington.
Produced by Christine Cessford

10:40 Hidden Treasures

Each week Trevor Reekie takes you on a trip that seeks out musical gems from niche markets around the globe, the latest re-releases and interesting sounds from the shallow end of the bit stream. For the final hidden treasures of 2008, Trevor features a track from a great artist who passed away recently, as well as a cultural icon who was influenced by that same artist. He also looks back 40 years to the first solo album by a guitarist who will be visiting these shores early next year

10:55 Feedback.

What the listeners have to say.

11:05 Ideas: The Power of Transformation

Ideas features another programme of The Forum. This week, historian Chen Jian talks about what he calls 'the China challenge', Jamaican theatre director Yvonne Brewster extols the transformational power of theatre, and evolutionary biologist Armand Leroi discusses Darwin and beyond. The host is Tim Marlowe.

Produced by BBC World Service.