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Monday to Friday, 7am - 10am

30 December 2009

With New Year's Eve approaching its music festival's galore. We visit the West Coast for Phat 10, before travelling to the Coromandel for a more alternative gig. We introduce you to the Fairy Tern and try to grasp all you need to know about Trevally. And today's place to be: Lake Clearwater in the back and beyond of inland Canterbury.

What's going on

Phat 10

Racing Taupo

Whare Flat Folk Music Festival, Dunedin

Prana New Years

Place to be: Lake Clearwater

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Crop of the Day: Vanilla, Tauranga


From Koehler's Medicinal-Plants 1887

Bug of the day: Ant


Fish of the day: Trevally


Bird of the day:Fairy Tern, North Auckland

Fairy tern

Photograph by Suzi Phillips